Resonance provides a full suite of digital services for Victorinox, including social media platform management, mini programs, H5 programs, online campaigns, creative, media production, ads management, and e-commerce. Below are a few projects we’ve launched for Victorinox from 2019 – 2020 on WeChat, Weibo, Red, T-mall and

Victorinox x Chinese Constellations

To connect with China’s netizens during Chinese New Year, Victorinox created a special edition collection featuring four Ancient Chinese constellations. This was the first time Victorinox adopted a Chinese cultural aesthetic; Resonance promoted the new collection across WeChat and Weibo and received heaps of positive praise from China’s netizens. Resonance also created an animated video featuring each of the products in a Chinese cultural CNY-ish setting to introduce the new collection in an easy to consume and share format. The video was a success leading to each product, and collectors editions featuring all products, being sold out within days on China e-commerce sites Tmall and JD.

Connecting w/Youth Culture

We combined youth culture and popular Chinese internet language with Victorinox’s special design to gain higher engagement among younger audiences on Weibo and WeChat. Creating interesting animated stickers, we were able to further bridge the gap between the Victorinox and younger audiences.

To further help this 116 y/o brand “become young” Resonance also produced brand key visuals for each product in the collection, providing concept, art direction and production. We paired the new collection’s creative assets with an H5 mini site accessed through Weibo and/or WeChat where netizens could vote for their favorite. We also deployed the new assets across banner ads on Chinese ecommerce set JD.

Covid-19 x Home Cooking Trend

As COVID-19 spread ferociously around the world at the beginning of 2020, Victorinox realized that their cutlery series was growing faster than usual due to home quarantine and social distancing. However, with previous focus on Swiss Army Knives, they lacked the visual assets of kitchen cutleries, and so we quickly stepped in to help them produce both product video and product image content for the Chinese audience to match with the growing needs on e-commerce channels.