In order to enhance brand awareness for Dorco during the Chinese New Year, we developed an engaging interactive H5 experience that aimed to capture the attention of fans and increase their engagement with the brand.

The interactive H5 provided a unique opportunity for our followers to unlock and express their different social personas through a curated filter feature. This feature allowed users to experiment with various filters and share their transformed personas on their social media platforms, encouraging others to participate as well.

By leveraging the power of social sharing and user-generated content, the campaign successfully resonated with the local audience, sparking their interest and prompting them to actively engage with the brand. This increased level of engagement led to a noticeable boost in brand awareness during the Chinese New Year period.

Through the interactive H5 experience, we not only captured the attention of our followers but also enhanced their connection and loyalty to the brand. By providing a fun and interactive platform for self-expression, we were able to create a memorable experience that strengthened our followers’ association with Dorco and increased brand visibility within the target market.

In summary, our Chinese New Year campaign featuring the interactive H5 successfully generated significant brand awareness, resonating with the local audience and encouraging active participation and sharing among followers.

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Dorco WeChat H5 interaction to unlock unique social personas through different filters