Byredo’s new makeup line embraced an artistic approach to establish its unique brand personality. To visually captivate the audience and create engaging content, we crafted stunning SVG assets that showcased the beauty and creativity of the products.

To maximize the campaign’s reach, we strategically utilized WeChat Moment ads and banner ads. These platforms allowed us to effectively target and engage the desired audience, generating awareness and interest in Byredo’s makeup line.

To drive sales and create a seamless shopping experience, we developed a WeChat Pop-Up Store. This virtual store provided a convenient and interactive platform for users to explore and purchase Byredo’s products. By leveraging the popularity and convenience of WeChat, we successfully directed traffic to Byredo’s e-commerce platform, facilitating an effortless purchasing journey for customers.

This comprehensive approach of leveraging artistic SVG assets, strategic ad placements, and a WeChat Pop-Up Store resulted in increased brand exposure, heightened engagement, and ultimately, higher sales for Byredo’s makeup line. By blending creativity, technology, and e-commerce, we effectively showcased the brand’s personality, captured attention, and drove conversions.

  • SVG production
  • WeChat
  • Paid Media
  • Pop-up store

Byredo WeChat content production and pop-up store