Resonance collaborated with Not So Ape to showcase their unique fusion of Japanese street trends and street culture. We crafted a captivating short video that featured young individuals expressing their ideas in various lifestyle settings, all while highlighting Not So Ape’s exceptional products.

These carefully produced assets have been strategically utilized across multiple social platforms, resulting in a substantial increase in brand awareness. By effectively leveraging the power of visual storytelling, we successfully captured the attention of the target audience and conveyed the essence of Not So Ape’s brand identity.

The wide utilization of these assets across different social platforms has played a crucial role in amplifying brand recognition and attracting a larger audience. Through our collaboration, we have successfully positioned Not So Ape as a prominent player in the realm of Japanese street trends and street culture, resonating with the target demographic and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Content
  • Video Production
  • Key Visual Production
  • E-Commerce

Excerpt of the NSA Brand Video showcasing local youth ideology