To emphasize the wide range of color choices available beyond the classic red case of the Swiss Army Knife (SAK), Victorinox launched a personalization service for end consumers. However, showcasing individually customized products in real-time posed a challenge for both the Tmall platform and offline stores.

To address this, Resonance devised an evergreen WeChat mini program that enabled consumers to experience the SAK personalization service virtually before making a purchase. This mini program served as a digital platform where users could explore and personalize their own SAK.

By leveraging the WeChat mini program, we provided consumers with an interactive and immersive experience that showcased the various color options available for the SAK. Users were able to personalize their SAK virtually, selecting their preferred colors and customizing the product to their liking.

This innovative solution allowed consumers to visualize and experience the personalization process, enabling them to make informed decisions before committing to a purchase. The WeChat mini program served as a convenient and engaging tool to bridge the gap between online platforms and the offline store experience.

By developing this evergreen WeChat mini program, Victorinox successfully offered consumers the opportunity to explore and personalize their SAK in a virtual environment. This digital solution provided clarity and convenience, enhancing the overall customer experience and enabling informed purchasing decisions.

Through the implementation of the WeChat mini program, Victorinox effectively demonstrated the range of color choices available for the SAK and empowered consumers to personalize their own product. This initiative not only increased engagement but also facilitated a seamless integration of online and offline experiences, showcasing Victorinox’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.