As Slowear prepared to enter the Chinese market, we recognized the importance of establishing brand awareness and credibility. To achieve this, we proposed a strategy centered around collaborating with key fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencers to generate buzz and create awareness.

Leveraging the opportunity presented by Milan Fashion Week, we extended invitations to three top-tier influencers, inviting them to visit Slowear’s flagship store in Milan and the factory in Venice. During their visit, these influencers experienced the brand firsthand and shared their immersive brand journey and story through their social media platforms.

Their posts not only showcased the unique Slowear experience but also encouraged their followers to follow Slowear’s WeChat and Weibo Official Accounts. This call to action allowed us to drive traffic and gain new followers on these social platforms.

By leveraging the influence of these fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencers, we successfully generated buzz, attracted new followers, and created a strong initial impression in the Chinese market. Through their authentic experiences and storytelling, we established consumer trust and credibility, laying the foundation for Slowear’s entry into the market.

This strategic collaboration with influencers during Milan Fashion Week served as a powerful catalyst for brand awareness and engagement. By tapping into their established fan bases and leveraging their reach, we effectively positioned Slowear as a premium Italian menswear brand and created a buzz that resonated with the target audience in China.