To support the launch of GCDS’ Tmall flag store and drive awareness and online store traffic during the upcoming Double Eleven shopping festival, we implemented a comprehensive social media advertising strategy. The goal was to increase the brand’s visibility and attract more traffic to its e-commerce platforms.

Through programmatic ad buying, we strategically targeted and delivered ads across relevant platforms to reach the desired audience. By leveraging programmatic technology, we maximized the efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

We also utilized WeChat banner ads, taking advantage of the platform’s extensive user base and engaging ad formats to capture attention and generate interest in GCDS’ products. Additionally, we employed Weibo FST ads, leveraging Weibo’s popularity and influential user base to amplify brand visibility.

Furthermore, we utilized the RED Brand Zone to enhance product visibility and exposure. This placement on RED, a popular social commerce platform, allowed us to tap into a highly engaged user community and attract potential customers.

By investing in social media advertising across platforms such as programmatic ads, WeChat banner ads, Weibo FST ads, and RED Brand Zone, we effectively increased the visibility of GCDS and drove more traffic to its e-commerce platforms. These targeted efforts aimed to maximize the brand’s presence during the highly anticipated Double Eleven shopping festival.

Through a comprehensive and strategic approach, we aimed to position GCDS as a desirable brand and capture the attention of potential customers during this key shopping period.

Services Provided:

  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Campaign

Paid ads on different social media platforms increase brand visibility and traffic to ecommerce