During TOMS’ peak selling season in the summer, we aimed to capture the perfect summer vibe, generate compelling local content, and expand awareness for the brand. To achieve this, we partnered with three local influencers who specialized in fashion, couples, and travel.

Together, we created a series of joyful and vibrant video content that authentically represented TOMS’ brand identity. These videos served as the core assets of the campaign, allowing us to effectively showcase the new collection and highlight the latest arrivals, including the Disney x TOMS crossover collection. Through captivating storytelling in the videos, we successfully engaged the target audience and conveyed the essence of TOMS’ brand DNA.

Services Provided:

  • Digital
  • KOL
  • Social Media
  • WeChat
  • Weibo
  • Video Production

Couple Looks with LiangYuan & Elvis

Travel with HIYA Sonya