Byredo Blanche WeChat Design

Byredo Blanche Content Optimization

To commemorate Chinese Valentine’s Day, Byredo introduced its limited edition iconic scent, Blanche. In collaboration with Resonance, we developed compelling assets for Blanche, with a key emphasis on self-love. To enhance the visual appeal and engagement on the WeChat platform, we incorporated creative SVG elements into the content, creating an immersive and captivating experience for consumers.

To maximize visibility and generate interest, we strategically invested in ads on the WeChat platform. This included leveraging WeChat Moment Ads, Banner Ads, and a WeChat Pop-Up Store. Through these channels, we were able to effectively target and reach our desired audience, capturing their attention and encouraging them to explore the limited edition Blanche fragrance.

The WeChat Moment Ads and Banner Ads were carefully crafted to pique curiosity and entice users to learn more about the Blanche scent. By strategically placing these ads within the WeChat ecosystem, we were able to boost visibility and generate awareness surrounding the limited edition release.

Additionally, the WeChat Pop-Up Store provided a convenient and engaging platform for users to explore and purchase the Blanche fragrance. This seamless shopping experience helped drive conversions and deepen consumer engagement.

Through our collaborative efforts, including the creation of captivating Blanche assets, the integration of creative SVG elements, and strategic investments in WeChat ads, we successfully generated interest and engagement from consumers during the Chinese Valentine’s Day period. These initiatives allowed Byredo to stand out, capture attention, and create a memorable brand experience for its audience.

Services Provided:

  • Campaign
  • Social Media
  • WeChat
  • Social Media Ads