Lanvin entrusted Resonance with the responsibility of finding relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to attend and amplify their 130 exhibition opening across various channels. Leveraging our existing relationships, we invited numerous influential Weibo and Red KOLs to participate in the exhibition opening event.

These KOLs shared their attendance and experience with their followers, encouraging them to join and visit the exhibition. Their posts served as a catalyst for generating interest and driving attendance from their respective fan bases.

To further maximize exposure, we employed multiple media channels to report on the event news, ensuring widespread coverage on Weibo. By strategically leveraging the reach and influence of 10 KOLs and 10 Weibo aggregators, we generated an impressive 12,666,000 social exposures and 18,704 engagements.

Through this collaborative effort, we successfully amplified the Lanvin 130 exhibition opening, reaching a wide audience and generating significant interest and engagement. The participation of influential KOLs, coupled with strategic media coverage, played a crucial role in maximizing exposure and creating a buzz around the event.

The successful collaboration with KOLs and the extensive media coverage resulted in substantial social exposure and engagement. This outcome is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the power of leveraging influential voices and media channels to amplify brand events and activities.