To resonate with China’s netizens during the Chinese New Year, Victorinox introduced a special edition collection inspired by four Ancient Chinese constellations. This marked the first occasion for Victorinox embracing a Chinese cultural aesthetic.

Resonance spearheaded the promotion of this unique collection across WeChat and Weibo, earning a wave of positive accolades from China’s netizens.

Further, we developed an animated video set in a Chinese cultural setting, vividly showcasing each product from the new collection. Crafted for easy consumption and sharing, the video swiftly caught traction. It led to a surge in demand, with each product, as well as collector’s editions featuring the complete collection, selling out within days on Chinese e-commerce platforms Tmall and JD.

Services Provided:

  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • Weibo
  • WeChat
  • E-Commerce
  • TMall
  • JD
  • Video
  • Campaign