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Versace CVD

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In order to promote the Versace Chinese Valentine’s Day capsule collection, we created an engaging WeChat experience that incorporated gamification. This interactive campaign allowed audiences to create their own personalized Chinese Valentine’s Day music album and share it with their loved ones.

By developing this gamified WeChat experience, we successfully attracted new members to engage with the Versace brand and participate in the campaign. The interactive nature of the experience fostered a sense of excitement and encouraged active participation, further enhancing brand engagement.

Additionally, through the Versace WeChat mini program, we were able to capture valuable data from participants. This rich and actionable data provided insights into user preferences, behaviors, and demographics, enabling Versace to tailor future marketing efforts and improve customer experiences.

Overall, the campaign achieved its objectives of promoting the Chinese Valentine’s Day capsule collection and driving audience engagement. The gamified WeChat experience created a memorable and interactive brand experience, while the data captured through the mini program empowered Versace to make informed marketing decisions and deepen customer relationships.

Through this innovative approach, Versace successfully leveraged the power of gamification and WeChat to not only recruit new members but also gather valuable data for future marketing initiatives. The campaign’s success demonstrates the brand’s commitment to creating engaging experiences and utilizing data-driven strategies to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Services Provided:

  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • WeChat
  • Mini Program
  • Campaign