During Brooks Brothers’ 200th anniversary, the brand sought to establish a stronger connection with its Chinese audience by infusing local flavor into its daily content. Rather than launching a large-scale campaign, the focus was on adding a touch of authenticity and intimacy to the brand’s storytelling.

To support this initiative, Resonance identified and conducted interviews with several influential pioneers in their respective industries. These individuals embodied the spirit of Brooks Brothers and shared their personal stories, aspirations, and interpretations of what it means to be a refined gentleman in modern times. This approach allowed us to create cost-effective, locally relevant content that showcased the Brooks Brothers narrative from a fresh and intimate perspective, fostering a stronger bond with the Chinese audience.

Services Provided:

  • Digital
  • KOL
  • Social Media
  • WeChat
  • Weibo
  • Video Shooting

KOL Support from Aspirational Leaders