Lacoste Douyin sing-a-long challenge

Lacoste Douyin dance challenge

Resonance collaborated with 12 influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from Douyin and Red to co-create an immersive experience around the Lacoste x Peanuts collection. Our aim was to generate excitement and raise awareness for this collaboration.

To achieve this, we engaged the KOLs to develop entertaining and engaging content that encompassed various forms of creative expression, such as songs and dances. This diverse range of content not only captured the attention of the audience but also aligned with the fun and vibrant spirit of the Lacoste x Peanuts collection.

Through strategic promotion on popular platforms like Douyin and Red, the campaign successfully sparked widespread buzz and excitement. By leveraging the massive reach and influence of these platforms, we were able to generate significant awareness and engagement for the collaboration.

The partnership with the KOLs allowed us to tap into their established fan bases and leverage their creativity to showcase the Lacoste x Peanuts collection in a dynamic and appealing manner. This co-creation approach brought a fresh and authentic perspective to the campaign, resonating with the target audience and enhancing the overall impact.

In summary, the campaign successfully created a buzz and generated excitement across popular platforms like Douyin and Red through the collaboration with influential KOLs. By leveraging their creativity and engagement, we effectively amplified brand awareness and showcased the unique appeal of the Lacoste x Peanuts collection to a wide audience.

Services Provided:

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  • Social Media
  • Red
  • KOL / KOC
  • Douyin