WeChat H5 allows users to try featured products virtually, and purchase directly.

To increase brand awareness and drive sales for Travel Retail in China, as well as build and strengthen customer loyalty with CDF, Givenchy hosted a Sanya CDF celebrity PR event. 4 video assets and more than 30 re-touched images were produced during the event featuring popular celebrity, Cheng Xiao. An interactive on-site H5 game was also created to increase interaction with attendees of the event. 17 social posts and 57 press releases were generated through the event, and a large number of impressions and engagements gained exceeded expectations.

Services Provided:

  • Social Media
  • WeChat
  • Weibo
  • H5
  • Event
  • Campaign
  • Video & Photo Shooting

Givenchy travel retail CDF celebrity event video with popular singer, Cheng Xiao