In order to introduce the concept of Versace Greca to Chinese audiences and showcase the Versace FW21 collection, we developed an innovative approach by creating a WeChat augmented reality (AR) maze. This interactive experience aimed to captivate and engage local audiences.

The AR maze was designed to mimic the iconic Versace Greca pattern, providing participants with a visually striking and immersive gaming experience. By navigating through the maze, users were able to explore and interact with the Versace Greca design in a playful and engaging manner.

To incentivize participation, we offered participants who successfully completed the 3D AR maze game a special Versace gift. This added element of reward and exclusivity heightened the excitement and encouraged active engagement with the brand.

Through this unique WeChat AR maze experience, we successfully delivered the concept of Versace Greca to Chinese audiences, effectively promoting the Versace FW21 collection. By leveraging technology and interactivity, we created a memorable and immersive experience that left a lasting impression on participants.

The combination of the visually stunning Versace Greca design, the interactive nature of the AR maze, and the exclusive gift incentive resulted in heightened engagement and interest from the local audience. This creative approach not only showcased Versace’s commitment to innovation but also effectively communicated the brand’s unique identity and elevated the FW21 collection in the eyes of Chinese consumers.

  • 3D AR
  • WeChat
  • Social Media
  • Mini Program

VERSACE 3D AR Maze creates an entertaining experience for China’s netizens