Pronovias partnered with Resonance to implement a comprehensive strategy aimed at increasing brand awareness, customer inquiries, and driving traffic to the Pronovias offline boutique in Shanghai’s Plaza66 during love holiday occasions.

To capture the essence of the Pronovias experience, we curated a gifting campaign specifically for Chinese Valentine’s Day. The campaign centered around encouraging audiences to gift their beloved ones the memorable Pronovias dress fitting experience. This unique and thoughtful gift idea resonated with the target audience, generating excitement and interest.

To amplify the campaign’s message, we collaborated with bridal-related media outlets and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). They shared the campaign video and engagement message across their platforms, effectively expanding the reach and impact of the campaign.

Within just one month, our efforts resulted in remarkable achievements. The campaign garnered over 3.5 million impressions, indicating a significant increase in brand visibility. We also achieved 1,500 social engagements, showcasing the level of audience interaction and interest. Furthermore, we successfully secured 110 offline reservations, surpassing our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) by 122%.

Through this comprehensive approach, we successfully increased brand awareness, drove customer inquiries, and generated significant footfall to the Pronovias offline boutique at Plaza66 during love holiday occasions. The collaboration with bridal media and KOLs played a crucial role in amplifying the campaign’s message and expanding its reach to the target audience.

The impressive results achieved demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategy in capturing audience attention, generating engagement, and driving real-world reservations. Pronovias was able to leverage these achievements to establish a strong brand presence and build meaningful customer relationships in the Chinese market.