Resonance provides a full service, always-on digital solution for Tiffany, covering strategy, planning, creative, production, digital campaigns, social media, CRM, and ecommerce. Below are a few selected projects we’ve launched for Tiffany over the years, including celebrity videos, love holiday campaigns, H5 mini-sites, WeChat mini programs, VR/AR, social commerce.

"Choose Love" Campaign, with celebrity Mark Chao

To help Tiffany own the concept of “love” we needed to ideate an angle that fits with the brand, but also resonated with the modern Chinese woman. Our idea: “choose love”, focused on love as an empowering choice, rather than a passive event. We developed a campaign around celebrity Mark Chao that explored love from the viewpoint of romance, patience, and empathy. We wrote the script, scouted the shooting location and recruited a director and production house to create the love campaign’s primary video asset (featured at the top this page). We then produced social media and digital content, worked with influencers to spread the message, and managed the entire campaign from top to bottom, over-delivering on set KPIs.

Reaching China's Millennials with the Tiffany T collection

Tiffany’s T collection is focused on fashion forward millennials. We needed to better reach and appeal to younger audiences on social media. We did so through collaborating with 4 Tiffany celebrities, creating energetic short videos optimized for mobile phones. Four waves of WeChat Moments Ads were launched and each celebrity was featured in a  short video reflecting the “T” collection attitude.

Innovative Digital Interaction to Celebrate 5.20 Love Holiday

We needed to ensure that Tiffany would “own love” and stand out from the crowd of brands running campaigns during China’s local love holiday. To celebrate 5.20 (which sounds like “I love you” in Chinese) we created am H5 mini-site, illustrating a journey of love. The H5 allowed lovers to interact by holding their two screens together to watch the love journey play across both screens. A holiday product showcase is displayed at the end of the journey, encouraging gifting.

Stories of Love for Chinese Valentine's Day

For 2018 Chinese Valentine’s Day, we featured celebrity couple  Du Jiang and Huo Si Yan in a “believe in love” video, exploring their personal story of love.  We managed the video concept, creative, script, director, production house selection and video production. Using WeChat native ad to connect with our target audience, the campaign helped Tiffany “own love” during Qixi, the popular local lovers holiday. Resonance also managed Tiffany’s digital ecosystem, amplifying the campaign across Weibo, WeChat, Red, and luxury/fashion influencers.

520 & CVD Pop Up Mini Program EC With SCRM Retargeting

Tiffany launched WeChat mini-program pop-up stores to sell special editions of products for 520 and Chinese valentine’s day holidays in 2019. We tracked our followers’ behavior & purchasing journey within the WeChat mini program. Social CRM, data analysis and segmentation, allowed us to retarget interested followers, increasing their likelihood to purchase which contributed meaningfully to sales.