Resonance provides a full service, always-on digital solution for Bose, covering strategy, planning, creative, production, digital campaigns, social media, and ecommerce. Below are a few selected projects we’ve launched for Bose over the years, including celebrity and KOL collaborations, product launch campaigns, H5 mini-sites, WeChat mini programs and more.

Bose Tmall Super Brand Day

Brands must pitch Tmall for the opportunity to host a Tmall Super Brand Day. For Bose, Resonance needed to come up with fun, social, and innovative ideas to win our selected time slot, while also introducing Bose’s latest products in an engaging way. On Tmall, we launched a prize: a limited edition bluetooth robot Tmall cat featuring the new wireless speaker Soundlink Micro that netizens could win. We programed an auto call from our celebrity, Li Rong Hao, when Tmall netizens used a specific keyword during search. We also launched a creative user generated content playlist engagement on popular music platform Xiami, which generated massive buzz and interest. Finally, we livestreamed the Tmall super brand day event on Yizhibo which generated a large amount of traffic to Bose’s Tmall page.

Revolve Speaker: Product launch social videos

Resonance was tasked to maximize social media awareness for Bose’s new Revolve Speaker. We worked with three musician celebrities to create social content that resonated with Bose’s target audience while communicating the features of Bose’s new revolve speaker. Content consisted of interviews of the three popular universal music group artists, insights into their music, and general hanging out and having fun all aided by the Revolve speaker’s unique 360 degree design.

Collaborating with local platform “One Take” to create local content

Bose’s core creative assets are global, not local. To connect with local consumers, Resonance partnered with photography platforms “One Take” to generate local content from an audience of China’s top professional photographers.

Photos were used on Weibo and WeChat  but also seeded back onto One Take, asking followers to create a story for the images they liked best. This platform specific engagement successfully attracted audience attention on One Take, which opened up a new social platform for Bose to recruit followers and customers.