Resonance has been working closely with Dubai Tourism for five years, bringing to life the diversity of this Middle-Eastern metropolis to a multitude of audiences. Appealing to their different interests, we strive to tell a new story every day whilst finding a balance in content from the must-see highlights to the vast array of dining options, from the thrills and spills of entertainment and adventure on offer to wonderful shopping and unique local culture. All the while communicating with a well traveled Chinese audience.

Celebrating Chinese Holidays

On WeChat, we help Dubai Tourism to tailor their content strategies into the Chinese local culture, as China celebrates a number of holidays on-and-offline across the year. Here you will find a selection of tie-ins that we have created for them. Always popular posts, these carefully crafted pieces of content has brought Dubai Tourism closer to their Chinese fans.

Chinese New Year

Children's Day

Teacher's Day

Winter Solstice

During Chinese New Year, Chinese have the custom of putting up spring couplets to bring more blessings. This H5 combines Dubai’s scenic spots with words of blessing, to be sent to the Chinese fans everyday during this special holiday season.

Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st in China. Drawing on hotly discussed topics among children, we used GIF and pictures to create multiple scenarios in which children’s wishes could be fulfilled in Dubai, to highlight the most popular Dubai attractions.

We duplicated a classroom setting with the background of a blackboard. We tied multiple iconic architectures in Dubai into subjects of Math, History, Geography, and Arts, educating the audience on the background information as well as highlighting some obscure fun facts .

Winter Solstice means “the arrival of winter” in Chinese. Some believe that family gathering on this day is even more important than on Chinese New Year. Working with Ski Dubai, we incorporated exciting activities with this holiday to suggest a possible family ski trip to Dubai.

Go Viral on TikTok

To maintain a constant high level of engagement with our audience, we utilized popular social media platforms to communicate regularly. We recognized that videos tended to have higher impact than other digital content, and TikTok- with its rapidly growing user base in recent years- had the ability to spread messages expeditiously. Taking advantages of both, we made a series of videos that spotlight diverse aspects of Dubai to go viral on TikTok as an efficient way of communication.